September 30, 2015

The Gathering Place

September 30, 2015
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If you have reached this recording, I am either away from my computer or dealing with another matter that leaves no time for blogging.  

I've been away and dealing.  Dealing with a pool house that is FINALLY FINISHED! Oh, and then there is this little, tiny, well sort of a big deal, Farm Girl Fair that has had my undivided attention.  Not to mention settling in four new nanny goats that will soon deliver more goats, acclimating to homeschooling one of my five, shuttling kids all over town, fighting with our pool that is all but swim-able and somehow burning dinner in a crock pot.  Who does that?  I digress.  Back to the pool house.  

Did you know that the gestation of a goat is 150 days?  Now you do!
When we remodeled our ranch style fixer upper we lost or garage to our master bedroom.  The plan was to build a detached garage in the future.  The detached garage idea grew and grew into a guest/pool house with an attached garage.  Big Dog now regrets giving me the green light on my building project.  However, with a dedicated builder, skilled architect and patience I never knew I had, we are nearly finished!  Nearly.  Thou shan't speak too soon.
How about this blank canvas of a "before"!
This project has been just what I needed to take me to the next level of "crazy". And people, I am there.  I have arrived exhausted and grayer with a few years shaved off my life expectancy.  Worth it?  Obviously!  Because I adore the little house that "crazy" built.  Because I now have a place to take refuge, catch my breath, and dream.  Oh, and entertain guests and store pool toys (which won't be necessary if I end up filling in the pool with dirt first).  Yes, I live in a fantasy world.  I am aware, deep down, that I won't actually EVER take refuge, catch my breath or dream in that cute 'lil house.  But the idea was fun.
These stairs will take you up to the "dreaming bed"

I've yet to even sit on the "dreaming bed".  My momma made that darling quilt.  And those red at first sight.
Pinterest got the best of me with this built-in,  chalkboard, and scissor swing sconces.  
Clara Belle the Cow added just the right touch to the 'lil kitchen.  *retro refrigerator coming soon*
This galvanized tub was a vintage find destined to be a sink.  
And this shower...I may put a red velvet rope to close it off.
Little details make cabinets pop.  Or moo and oink. 
So, now that "project detached garage with an attached pool/guest house" turn "pool/guest house with an attached garage" is finished Big Dog says it's time to take a break.  No more projects for a while.  I give him a week.  
Pillows from Etsy Shop, Sunny Lemons, top it off with the perfect "Farm Charm".
The after canvas
Well there she is.  I can't wait to entertain and host guests at...
This sign was designed by my good friend, Lindsi, who quickly put it together because she knew I was super anxious to put on the final touch.