February 11, 2016

Farm Girl Fair of Dreams

February 11, 2016
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September 2015

Field Farm Girl Fair of Dreams.  Let me take a moment to stare at my cursor, rub my temples, and reflect.  Reflect.  Reflecting is sometimes hard to do after waking from a dream.  It's hard to put words together to make sense of it.  Some of the dream is still fuzzy.  Did it really happen?  Did people really come?  Was it all true or just a dream?  Farm Girl Fair was a dream that came to life because people believed, trusted and gave their ALL to make it happen.  

In the words of Emily Schuermann with Food for a Year , Farm Girl Fair was was, "inspired (by) ladies (who) wanted to create a moment. Not a thing or a place but a space of time that could take people back to what we all imagine ((or hope)) life must have been like, somewhere in life’s seemingly distant past."  Nailed itShe took the words right out of my heart.   

FIVE months later...February 2016

I had so much more to say when I wrote the above back in September.  But I couldn't seem to put anything more into words since the whole thing is still trapped and treasured in my heart.  Time has flown by and although it seems like just yesterday it's been months and in just  a few (okay, maybe more like seven) more months it will be time for FARM GIRL FAIR 2016!   

The planning is underway as if the three of us Farm Girls are getting married.  Details, details, details!  Vendors are signing up and thoughtful thinking is underway.  There is so much to plan, so much to do but this I can tell you:  we will have more food!    We are adding Farm Kid Fair too.  

So that's the latest.  We are beyond excited for the second annual Farm Girl Fair.  I won't tell you it will be better than ever because last year was a kind of magic you don't mess with.  Wink!

I wonder if Charlotte will show up for round 2!?!

See you on the farm September 24, 2016