January 17, 2016

Totes Ma Goats

January 17, 2016
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Totes Ma Goats.  It is this phrase that has made me feel older than the "old granny skin" I have on my hands and face (a thoughtful observation from my seven year old). I'm not exactly sure I quite catch the slang phrase, "Totes Ma Goats".  My Google research tells me it's something to do with the word, "totally".  My friend gave me a tote with this on it and I've been way too embarrassed to admit to her that I don't know what it means.  But never mind that.  It's a cute tote and I am apparently cool "toting" it around.  
Totes serious
Speaking of goats.  We finally had baby goats!  The miniature donkey look a-likes  arrived...like 3 months past my expert guess due date.  There are four girls and one boy and they are Totes Ma Goats the cutest ever.  We missed the actual birth by only minutes. But I'm proud to say I can add another nod to placenta and after birth experience to my farm resume.  I got there just in time to watch the after birth action and then for the first time in my farm life, I watched the momma eat, yes, I said eat, the placenta.  Bon Appetit!  
She can totes fly with those set of ears!
It wasn't long before we noticed the littlest goat/donkey being head butted to the side by her momma. Rejection and I wasn't having it.  Not on my watch, not on this farm.  I called out to the general public and before I could click POST my friend came to the rescue with a brand spankin' new pack-n-play along with all the excitement to care for the runt.  Big Dog loaded up the kids and headed to the feed and seed to purchase the necessary items to bottle feed.  My friend whipped up the formula and was ready to go, ready to bond, ready to be surrogate when meanie momma decided she'd go ahead and let her baby nurse.  So now I have a brand new pack-n-play and no need to bottle feed.  
Big Dog.  He's a goat magnet.  They totes love him.
What to do with that pack-n-play?  Hmmm.  Well since not a lot of time goes by around here without major happenings it wasn't long before the sweetest use for the pack-n-play came to be because....

Totes the most precious twin girls I ever did see!
B had her babies!  Tatum Margaret and Collins Kay were born minutes before New Year's Eve.  Our hearts instantly grew bigger and prayers soared to heaven for their fragile health.  Born at just 32 weeks, the girls proved themselves to be mighty champions right away.  Momma and babies are doing well and the daddy....let's just say he's smitten!  The world is certainly a better place now. They are so delicately beautiful and their mom radiates with the only kind of glow a momma can shine. I feel like our own family has grown by two more.

Aside from all of the bundles of joy excitement on the farm still persists.

The girls continue to pace the fence line. Strange thing.  They fly right over but haven't figured out how to fly back in until the sun sets.  And then they are suddenly smart and figure it.  Kills me. 

Rosie is still "in" with the pigs.  They love her and she loves them.  I think she is learning to root like they do.  And yes.  The pigs are fat.  Like ginormous.  How they walk and carry their weight is painful to witness. 

This little lady here better watch it.  "Last Chick Standing" will learn a nasty lesson when the other chickens behead her.  Sadly, that's what happened to the other chicks.  Massacre Ranch out here I tell ya.  I watched her do this for about 5 minutes.  Like if she just keeps trying she will get through.  No.  And if she does, she's brunch!  

Shelly is still all up in my business.  I tried 50 times to get a calendar worthy photo but I got nothin' but Nosey Posey and Shy Sly.  Yes, I need to paint the fences...again.

Winter on the ranch sucks is not very fun.  Here's to looking to Spring!  I'm ready for green to replace the brown, flowers to bloom and if I'm lucky, catch a pig taking a swim in the pool!   In the meantime, I hope to spend any and all free time I have gushing over those tiny miracles from heaven.

Made you yawn! 

January 13, 2016

Joy Joy Joy

January 13, 2016
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If it doesn't bring you joy, toss it.

For those of you who have a hard time letting go...this is for you.  A  friend of mine was telling me about a book she read.  Basically, if you have something in your closet that doesn't bring you joy, toss it.  For the next several weeks I found myself tossing articles of clothing and shoes left and right.  Asking myself, "Does this sweater bring me joy?" took all the guess work out of whether or not I should keep it.  Forget the, "when I lose 10 pounds I'll wear it" reasoning.  That ain't happenin' since I just successfully polished off a cherry cobbler.  

 The beauty of this concept is that it can apply to more than a pair of pants from 1995 or heels that are killing your feet.  Eventually, I started to consider the abstract things in my life that do not bring me joy, crush my spirit and break my heart.  If it's not good for the soul it's not good for you.  Is it a relationship, a lie I keep telling myself, a habit, bits of social media or activities?  Now, I am well aware that doing laundry does not bring me joy but someone has to do it.  Waking up to cranky kids does not bring me joy but you gotta do what you gotta do to get those little sweet cheeks off to school.  

What are you doing, tolerating, wearing, keeping, or hoarding in your life that does not bring you JOY (insert meditation and ponder here)?  Start with the dusty pants in your closet.  If lacey push up bras do not bring you comfort they can't be bringing you joy.  Then muster up the courage to take a look at the things that steal your joy.  If you are a list maker then get to listing.  You will be in "check that off" heaven. For the over achievers out there, take this wisdom and run with it.  I took it to the kitchen cabinets, pantry, home decor and more.  Let's just say the Good Will now knows me by name and they have a receipt ready before I put the car in park and open up the hatch.  

No wire hangers here.  I saw Mommy Dearest at a young age and clearly have issues.
There.  That's it.  That's all.  All you have to do is ask yourself, "Does this bring me joy?" and you will begin a healthy purge of bondage to the things that do not bring you joy.  It sounds silly but I have a much better chance at getting somewhere with this than any cliche New Years Resolution.  Just try it.   It's the gift that keeps on getting rid of.  

Want to get serious about this whole Joy Project?  Check this out: