October 29, 2015

Ode to Blue Apron

October 29, 2015

Oh how I miss my mindless Target shopping, buying fringy booties, scarfs and fall scented candles.  Unexpected bills came in and stopped me in my frivolous spending tracks and let me tell you...it's been GREAT!  It really has.  A harsh reality check has actually been quite humbling and liberating.  In fact, it's just what this family needed.  However, I am ashamed to admit that when the kids asked for money to buy books (aka: crap that is also available for purchase) at the book fair, I may have been a leeeeettle dramatic when I acted out Renee Zellweger's part in Jerry Maguire. 

Not even Big Dog found my rendition humorous.  I apologized to my children for my sensational Oscar losing performance.  Now, let me share with you the best part about being grounded from spending.  I took the advice from a friend  and signed up for Blue Apron with positive intentions of getting my kids to try new foods and get me out of the processed food cooking rut I'd been stuck in.  I love that Ramen is cheap, don't get me wrong, but seriously my kids are young and eating like college students.  It had to stop.  So on to Blue Apron.  Ever heard of Stitch Fix or Wine of the Month?  Well, this dinner(s) of the week club is delivered to your door in a refrigerated box.  Why is the box of tasty nutrition so great?  Because unfortunately for Target, I'm not spending a ridiculous amount of money on things we don't need or even really want.  If you can go to the grocery store and walk out with ONLY the things on your list then you are a super-human with tunnel vision or you are a man.  You are amazing and disciplined.  But as for me, "Hello.  My name is Carol and I am a Target-oholic."  I've found that wondering Target and putting things in the cart has proven to be more effective than psychological therapy.  That is until Big Dog floods my phone with, "Where are you? Are you ever coming back?"  NOOOOOOOO!  NEVER!!!!!!

Blue Apron provides me with a Home Economics "class" for my homeschooler
Blue Apron has also tempted my children to pass on the Ramen and Chef Boyardee for CAULIFLOWER.  People, I've never even eaten cauliflower. The ingredients can look a bit intimidating but the directions are super friendly and the meals are crowd pleaser.  

Who in the world has EVER heard of celeriac?  I hope it is tasty and doesn't taste like...brain???
Scraping by has been challenging but it's taught us a lot.  Home cooked meals from fresh ingredients is a bonus.  As long as Blue Apron keeps me from making over indulgent trips to the store it's a win/win!   I wonder how much money I've saved from NOT going to Target 3-5 times a week to get "stuff for dinner".  Wouldn't Dave Ramsey like to know. Without being hired by Blue Apron (although wouldn't that be cool) to profess my love and adoration for them, I encourage you to check it out.  That's right.  Go on a Target detox, eat healthy food, AND save!  It's not as painful as you think. 

I was told that you can't cook dinner from Blue Apron without wearing an apron.  Duh!

PS: I miss you Target.  That is all.