April 13, 2015

Something Fair-tastic Coming This Way!

April 13, 2015

When I look out at our 40 acres of lush green pastures, I see endless possiblilites.  I see things that could be, things that shouldn't be, and somewhere in between I get a rush of inspiration.  I get so caught up in an idea and frantically search for my magic wand as if it's around here somewhere (I can never seem to find it when I need it).  

So, not to beat around the bush, I'll shoot ya straight.  Two wildly talented and inspired gal pals (Lindsi Niebur and Kim Frakes) and I are planning a FAIR right here on Sandy River Ranch in Norman, Oklahoma. Blue Ribbon pie contests, folk music, local art and trade, delicious food, agriculture and much, much more will set up camp on one of the pastures and a good time will be had by all.  So, mark your calendars for September 26, 2015, tell your friends, and plan to attend the first annual...

Stay tuned y'all! It's gonna be Fair-tastic! 


  1. Ahhhh!!! Our dreams will become a reality!! Can't wait for September 26th!!!

  2. Fun! Maybe we could get some OKWB gals there!

    1. That would be fantastic! I can put together an announcement to post of their blog!