September 29, 2016

The Fair Must Go On

September 29, 2016
*This post is dedicated to the hard work and support of family, friends, volunteers, neighbors, strangers, and those who attended Farm Girl Fair 2016!  
Thank you, thank you, thank you.*

Farm Girl Fair, year two.  Dream, round two. Come true, round two.  BUT... not without it's challenges, road blocks, broken bones, spiritual warfare and potential monsoon weather.  By golly, Farm Girl Fair had to go on.  No matter what!

We three Farm Girls
Farm Girl Fair Flair
photo credit: Jenna Gordon Photography
Planning for Farm Girl Fair is much like planning a wedding.  Every detail, every hope, wish, and expectation is on the line. Farm Girl Kim likened Farm Girl Fair to a twelve month gestation of labor pains met with great anticipation and excitement. We Never. Stop. Planning. Either way, it was an idea that came to life with heart and soul (blood, sweat and tears no doubt) powering its fruition.  Not to mention the seven miles logged on Farm Girl Lindsi's fit bit.  

photo credit: Jenna Gordon Photography
For a complete list of vendors and links visit Farm Girl Fair
Farm Girl Fair vendor, The Artifactory.
photo credit: Jenna Gordon Photography
Farm Girl Fair vendor, Siempre Viva
photo credit: Jenna Gordon Photography
This year was different.  Mainly because, for me, ignorance is bliss.  Last year we had no idea what to expect and our expectations were met beyond comprehension.  It was magical, whimsical and surreal as if it came from the pages of a fictional story.  This year, we knew what to expect and what we wanted to accomplish.  This year consisted of tweaking, turning, perfecting and pushing the limits.  This year was met with circumstances beyond our control.  These circumstances put spokes in our wheel, no doubt.  A loved one passed and a frightening injury nearly stopped us in our tracks.  But, the fair must go on.  And it did.  Beautifully.  
Farm Girl Fair vendor, Painted Farm
photo credit: Jenna Gordon Photography

Thousands came and enjoyed a perfect day on the farm
photo credit: Jenna Gordon Photography
Quincee Taylor Designs set up and ready to go!
photo credit: Jenna Gordon Photography
When you believe in something, when your heart beats for something, nothing can stop you. Obstacles are meant to be jumped and conquered.   Our dream of Farm Girl Fair is one that comes armed with creative determination and possibility.  We seek to give and in return gain a satisfaction that can't be bought, but shared.   Of course, it's only a fair.  It's only one day.  It's only a moment in time.   

Serious #dollcrush at the Royal Street Dolls booth
Farm Girl Fair vendor, Steele Family Farm
photo credit: Jenna Gordon Photography
Admission proceeds benefited the Center for Children and Families
photo credit: Jenna Gordon Photography
Farm Girl Fair can be justly summed up in the words taken from a television series, Call the Midwife.  A friend shared this with me at the exact moment I needed to hear it. 

"A sense of community is the holy grail of modern living.  When we can't find it in the present day we reach back through the years and say, 'That is when we knew each other...that is when we held all things in common.'  It is the thought so tender and consoling that it scarcely matters if it is not true.  Past perfection is a wondrous thing."
-Call the Midwife 

Little girls dance to the live music
photo credit: Sanya Couts Photography
To be continued in 2017...

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