Neigh, Oink, Baah, Bzzzz!

That one time you woke up to a miniature foal and thought, "There is no way this isn't a stuffed animal!"
These honey combs smelled so good!  Guess we need to make candles.
Big Dog displays a few hundred bees taken from a house.  Not on display is his swollen nose from a sting!
I'm not sure who is photo-bombing who here.

Diamond breaks out of the pasture for greener grass.

Brrr! The piggies root for grass under the snow. 

Rainy day snuggles for these two partners in swine.

Penny Girl waits patiently for her mani/pedi on a sunny Saturday.

Meanwhile, Wilbur finds a nice muddy spot fit for a pig.  
Memphis and Mavis, soon to be sheared for lanolin.  

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  1. Love your blog, Wilbur's first mom is a good friend. Glad he found you guys.