August 27, 2015

Just Another Manic Farmday

August 27, 2015
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Tuesday.  It was a manic Monday a day late.  I actually wished for it to be Monday.  Tuesday was suffering a bad case of the "Mondays" and the farm was yet again the victim.  There is aways a lot going on out here.  Aside from the normal, we have a garage/pool house under construction and our pool was Witch Brew Green.   I had a morning full of appointments for my 12 year old and I was actually looking forward to leaving the farm life behind for a few hours.  I mean, what could go wrong while sitting in doctor's offices?  

There I sat, in the cozy waiting room of our dentist office while Parker was getting his teeth rearranged.  Flipping through Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I was lost in the latest paint colors, decorating trends and recipes that I could smell and taste right from the pages.  And then my phone vibrated me back to reality with this...  

Not exactly the text you want to receive from your pool guy.
My pool guy was trying to cast a spell on our pool to take it from green to clear but he was interrupted by a bloody scene straight out of National Geographic.  Sheep vs. House Dog.  You know it's bad when someone asks for a rifle.  There was a rifle but the bullets were nowhere to be seen (That's standard gun safety.  Gun and bullets in separate places). I insisted on going back to where Parker was so I could quiz him as to where the bullets were.  I found him with his mouth gaping wide open, unable to speak.  

Me: " Parker, raise your hand if the answer is yes.  Are the bullets in the barn?"
Parker: "Uh huh" and raises his hand
Me: "In the cabinet?"
Parker: "Uh Uh."
Me: "In the drawers of the workbench?"
Parker: "Uh."
Me:  "In the gun safe?"
Parker: "Uh..."

Okay, enough of that.  I wasn't getting anywhere and the looks I was getting from the dental assistant were beginning to make me feel like a criminal.  Meanwhile my pool guy, turned animal euthanizer, had no choice but to take matters into his own hands.  And I'm all like, "Excuse me nice dentist lady, can we hurry up, tighten these brackets, slap the rubber bands on and go?  I have a farm emergency and my pool guy is having to deal!"

How did I go from reading Better Homes and Gardens to this?
While the dental assistant was very sorry about the situation, getting blue and orange bands on the teeth seemed to take precedence over a sheep bleeding out.  I get it.  Rotating the requested color pattern was more important.  Obviously.  

Maggots.  Did he have to include that part?
Yes.  One sheep because my other sheep had fallen prey just the week before.  I was sick to my stomach and mad.  Mad at my darn dog.  BUT ever so thankful that my pool guy stepped outside his job description and handled a vicious situation.  Above and beyond.  I'm thankful for people that fall under that category.  Above and beyond are people that every farm needs.  Thank you pool guy.  Thank you for taking care of it and then getting right back to your day job of getting our pool back to "normal".  Normal.  There is nothing normal out here.  We live on a farm after all.  

PS: While typing this post I had to stop and break up house dog vs. chicken.  I declared "Done with Dog" and took him to my mother in laws.  I've had enough predator vs. prey for a few days.   

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