February 11, 2015

Friendsday Wednesday

February 11, 2015
You know what's better than Wednesday?  Friendsday Wednesday!  Believe it or not but I just returned from a Friendsday Wednesday brunch.  Picture if you will, me sitting there on a cozy, beautiful couch with lovely pillows talking with an adult.  Like, I had a real conversation with a sweet friend of mine without interruption, manure, wind, or feathers.  I was surrounded by  a few of my favorite things: delicious food, refreshing home decor and FRIENDS.  Not chickens, pigs or horses.  Not even kids, but friends.  I had the pleasure of catching up with gals I haven't seen in months, gals I see almost everyday but the sighting is more like a flash of lightening instead of a greeting or 3 second conversation.   Ahh how wonderful it felt.  See, it's not all dead chickens, split water troughs, and busted pipes in my life.  I have another life.  I put on my cuter clothes, dusted off my ballet flats, took my ponytail out, threw on a clearance necklace and socialized with humans.  I even made cookies (yet another Pinterest Fail) to take.  It felt good.  There is hope. There is life outside the farm.
Cookies Pinterest made me make.  For the recipe and pictures of how they are really supposed to look click here

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  1. For the record: the cookies were delish! And the visit on her pretty sofa was the best! Long live The Unlikely Farmgirl!