February 14, 2015

Just Another Day in Paradise

February 14, 2015
Ground Hog Day.  It's just a movie, right?  And movies aren't real.  Even the ones based on true stories aren't totally authentic.  There is no such thing as the exact, exact, exact, same thing happening day after day.  It's all a bunch of hog wash.  It's gotta be.  But then there is the farm life.  

Then there is yet another day with yet another bleepity, bleep, bleep, bleep, blasted, bleepin' pipe!  What is it with pipes and this house?  What is it about an already stressful, how am I going to be in four places at once and feed everyone at the same time kind of day?  There seems to be some force of pure evil that highly believes my day isn't complete without a pipe busting and spraying water through the wall and soaking the carpet.  And that's just one bedroom; I shan't forget the wood floors in the dining  room.  What's a few more warped and buckled planks of wood?  It adds character.  I'll keep telling myself that.

I mentioned in another post that I should have learned the trade of a plumber.  Big Dog beat me to it.  He went to the hardware store and bought the necessary supplies, cut out the wall, and did what plumbers do.  He DIY dominated that pipe and dry wall.  Big Dog is always on the brighter side of things.  He shrugged off the repeated offense by chalking it up to, "Well at least I know how to fix a busted pipe.  We don't have to call a plumber...for busted pipes anyway."  Yeah, whatever you say there big guy.    

Tomorrow is a new day.  The sun will rise on this paradise of ours.  Sure, new fires will burn and we will put them out.  Tomorrow we shall once again be reminded of the things we shouldn't take for granted but do.  Like running water for example. Do you know just how great a flushing toilet is?  Its pretty great.  So, I will be once again thankful for pool water to fill the toilets so they can flush when we don't have the luxury of a self water filling toilet.  Oh, and if you're anything like me, you like to run your toothbrush under the water intermittently while brushing your teeth (Not from the toilet!  Gross!  The sink!). 

Raise your hand if you relate.  And then there is the obvious.  I choose anything but water to drink all day (if it's not laced with caffeine it's a waste of my time), that is, until we don't have water.  As soon as, "Attention Funny Farmers: you don't have water" comes over the loud intercom of life, I am thirsty.  Like I've done nothing but gnaw and suck on a salt block for days kind of thirsty.  Water.  My pipes can't seem to live with it and we can't live without it.

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  1. Broken pipes are the worst! And to think that you had to go through it again must’ve been very frustrating. It’s good to know that Big Dog somehow knew how to deal with the plumbing. It may not look as nice as what real plumbers do, but I think it’s a good fix. Anyway, I hope you don’t encounter this anymore. Take care!

    Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing