February 26, 2015

Redemption Ranch: an Unexpected Find

February 26, 2015
The road to redemption.
A month ago I brought home a ball of fur.  The cutest ball of fur you ever did see.  I once again added to our farm a Great Pyrenees, named Rosie.  Now before you go judging me and the amount of animals we have please remember we live on a farm.  Farms are called farms because animals, lots of animals, live there.  And maybe I have a problem with adding to it but that's none of your beeswax.  Moving on.  After our bird dog didn't work out I quickly realized Rosie needed a companion replacement.  Never mind that the pigs were fed up with her persistent puppy play.  So the search began.  Second Chance, Craigslist, Petfinder, you name it.  It wasn't long before the sweetest little face appeared on my computer and I was smitten.  I found a companion for Rosie.  Another female ball of fur was sure to become her bestest friend, and mine.

This cute face!  Found on petfinder.com
I came across our newest member on Petfinder.  She was at a shelter in Tishomingo called Muttnation.  Since I live under a haystack I'd never heard of Muttnation.  I only knew I had to drive to Tishomingo, fill out paperwork and be back in time to get the kids from school.  I followed the directions from my trustworthy (NOT! The maps chick had me going to Henryetta, OK which is in the complete opposite direction of where I needed to be going) google maps app and ended up on a dirt road.  Having just seen a news story on 911 and their shocking inability to locate you in an emergency I was worried.  Panicked.  Where would this road take me?  What lied ahead couldn't be safe, right?  Momma always said stay off of dirt roads. What if 911 couldn't find me?  I snapped a  picture of where I was and sent it to Big Dog.  Maybe my text would help the authorities locate me if I met danger along the way.  But I remained focused on the precious face I'd seen just a few days earlier and forged ahead.  I followed the puppy breath scent and finally arrived to Muttnation.  My fear quickly changed to excitement, then confusion.  How could such a cute and fun place be at the end of a dirt road?  Muttnation. A sanctuary for all unwanted and lost dogs.  A safe haven full of what only love can offer.

The sun was certainly shining on Muttnation so much that I had to show you!
I was taking in all the sights!  A darling refurbished trailer, adorable little doggie houses, a spacious building housing all kinds of those who needed a home.  Everything was so clean and bright and pink.  A kind woman greeted me and quickly introduced me to Peony, my pup.  But wait.  I was full of questions.  What is this magical place?  Why is it so fun and cute?  Isn't this a dog shelter?  She said, "now, didn't you know Miranda Lambert bought this place and fixed it up?"  Uh.  What?  Well, that explains it.  That explains why the property looks so fabulous.  It had been "Miranda-ized".  It all made sense.  I knew Miranda Lambert lived in Tishomingo but I didn't know she bought a run down, scary, city dog pound and turned it in to a slice of heaven.  I didn't know that this place was the result of her hard work, huge heart and generosity, not to mention her fans.  Yup!  Muttnation.  A foundation formed by Miranda and her mom to put an end to a problem that breaks every one's heart.  Redemption Ranch is just one of many across the nation Miranda started to help those who are unwanted find someone who will want them and love them.  It was enlightening. It was a refreshing dose of humanity and good will. I didn't want to leave.  I wanted to stay and notice each and every detail put into saving these sweet animals.  

Just a small peek into the trailer where you meet, greet, and play with your new companion.
I think it's only fitting that the road that leads to Muttnation is made of dirt.  That it's scary and unknown.  Redemption doesn't just happen.  It's a messy process. Whether you are saving or being saved, it takes courage, hard work and desire.  For those being saved it takes an enormous amount of strength to get to whatever lies ahead.  After all,  it has to be better than where you came from. For those doing the saving it takes dedication, sacrifice and heart.  Redemption.  I think it's safe to say that Miranda Lambert agrees with Margaret Feinberg, "Nothing is beyond God's redemption and restoration." 
She comes marked with love.  I didn't notice the heart on her head until we were back on that dirt road, headed home.
I know that Tishomingo is known for Miranda Lambert living there with her beau, Blake.  Many people go to The Pink Pistol shop she owns in hopes of running into to the celebs but I say making a trip to Redemption Ranch will be well worth your time.  Bring a bag of dog food, old towels, puppy toys, dog bones or a fat check.  They'd be much obliged.  And who knows, maybe you will bring home a furry friend. 

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